Ukraine Salvation Bracelet

Ukraine Salvation Bracelet

Ukraine Salvation Bracelet

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Want to support the people of Ukraine?

Donate to support the people of Ukraine and receive a bracelet as a thank you! 

People impacted by the situation between Russia and Ukraine need assistance. Russias invasion of Ukraine has impacted individuals and children, leaving them homeless and without basic resources. These people need somewhere to stay, nourishment, water, and medical attention. The millions of evacuated civilians of Ukraine and those still on the move need our help.

Major cities have been decimated and hundreds of people have been seriously injured. By choosing to donate to this cause, which is a collection of non-profits, you are helping to raise financial support and increase attentiveness to those affected by the invasion. On top of increasing international awareness, the funds will directly help Ukrainian soldiers and their relatives.

Creating an Impact for Ukraine

The citizens of Ukraine are undergoing a shocking and distressing experience. Although there is little an individual can do to help, by working together we can create a large impact in support of Ukraine. A small donation can have a huge impact on non-profits that desperately need all the support we can rally. At, we know just how important every little donation can be in making a difference for a good cause.

Our token of appreciation.

At, we firmly believe our supporters deserve a memento for their generous contributions. We understand that donors can feel unappreciated and unnoticed, so we wanted to offer a unique donation platform. When you purchase one of our Ukraine Salvation Bracelets, we donate the majority of the proceeds directly to non-profits. You are can support in-need causes and raise awareness, while we mail you a unique Ukraine Salvation Bracelet as an expression of gratitude for you! 

The current situation in Ukraine

On February 23rd, 2022 there was an escalation in hostilities during the night. These hostilities impacted 7.5 million children by placing them in immediate physical danger, immense emotional suffering, and shocking dislocation. A few days later three children and two teachers were killed when a missile struck their school in Eastern Ukraine. These kids need our support right now.


The operation launched by Russian military forces has prompted international disapproval, with worries of large-scale deaths. Many people are searching for ways to support the Ukrainian

people with medical provisions, humanitarian aid, psychological amenities, military equipment, and more.

Unfortunately, children in Eastern Ukraine have become accustomed to conflict over the past 8 years. They have learned to live with violence, consistent bombardment, and dislodgment from their homes. Currently, the conflict in Ukraine has forced 5 million children and their relatives to pursue refuge in adjacent countries.

Bracelet of Gratitude

At, we want our supporters to know they are appreciated and acknowledged. Our Ukraine Salvation Bracelets are modest, but what they symbolize is something greater than an ordinary piece of jewelry. Each bracelet is a unique and personal memento of the generous display of support you made.

Disaster Relief fund for Ukraine

By donating to the Disaster Relief Fund for Ukraine, you can assist in the provision of immediate aid to children and their relatives. The provisions include nourishment, water, hygiene supplies, mental and social support, and cash support.

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What if I don't like my bracelet? 🎁

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