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Chimpanzee Restoration Band (Plants 1 Tree) šŸŒ²

Chimpanzee Restoration Band (Plants 1 Tree) šŸŒ²

Chimpanzee Restoration Band (Plants 1 Tree) šŸŒ²

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Plant a tree for chimpanzees!Ā 

Chimpanzees have already disappeared from 4 African countries, and are nearing extinction in many others. Deforestation and hunting are taking a horrific toll on their populations.Ā 

ChimpanzeesĀ spend most of their days in treetops, which are now being cut down at anĀ enormous rate. You can help by only buying sustainable wood and paper,Ā raise awareness to limit illegal logging, and help replant trees.

Our ChimpanzeeĀ Restoration Band helps you make a difference by planting a tree to help restore their habitats.

Every bracelet is handmadeĀ and eco friendly using recycled material.Ā 

This Bracelet:

  • Ā Plants 1 tree inĀ Africa.
  • Ā Helps restore chimpanzeeĀ habitats.Ā 
  • Ā Gives chimpanzees a chance at recovery.
  • Ā Raises awareness.


Why plant trees?

ChimpanzeeĀ make their home inĀ forests; and spend most of their time in treetops. Trees are being cleared out at an extreme amount which is destroying their habitats. They have no home, and no and food left after deforestation.

TreesĀ are needed to provide food, shelter, and water to thousands of animals and we need treesĀ to breathe... it's a no brainer. However not enough people are helping replant trees after governments and big corporations keep logging them all down.Ā 


You can make a direct impact.

By purchasing a bracelet fromĀ usĀ you are directly funding our tree planting operation inĀ AfricaĀ and helping raise awareness of chimpanzee abuse and destruction of their habitat. TheĀ damage from deforestation cannot be undone, butĀ because of people like you, weĀ are able to helpĀ  plant thousands of trees to begin to restoreĀ animal habitats.


How can I be sure that my trees are being planted?

After you complete your purchase we will send you aĀ confirmation emailĀ thanking you for your support. We will also send you your electronic tree certificate &Ā updatesĀ on theĀ statusĀ of your trees provided by our mainĀ reforestationĀ partnerĀ whenever aĀ plantingĀ sessionĀ is taking place.

We only work with trusted, certified non profitsĀ such as WWF, & One Tree Planted.

What can one tree do?Ā šŸŒ²

OneĀ single tree providesĀ food,Ā shelter, andĀ waterĀ toĀ hundredsĀ ofĀ animals. Many ofĀ whichĀ areĀ criticallyĀ endangered. Planting one tree canĀ restoreĀ theirĀ habitatĀ andĀ protectĀ these precious animals fromĀ extinction.Ā Doesn't it feel good knowing you've done something to help animals that will last for generations?Ā 


WhatĀ do ya get? šŸ¤—

You get an awesome eco-friendly bracelet that planted a tree and helped protect a chimpanzeeĀ + our digital tree planting certificateĀ with whatever name you choose to be on it thanking you for your support and for planting a tree.Ā 


What if I don't like my bracelet?Ā šŸŽ

We hope you love it SO much it won't come to this.. but if you are unsatisfied or if it does not fit don't worry, we will issue a refund or a replacement whichever you choose!


We are here to help our planetĀ and save our animals.Ā šŸŒŽ

We help raise awareness and raise money for organizations fighting to help our wildlife that would not getĀ recognition otherwise.

One Bracelet. One Tree.


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