Blue Opal Friendship Bracelet

Blue Opal Friendship Bracelet

Blue Opal Friendship Bracelet

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  • Restores lost habitats.
  • Funds the planting of 1 tree & raises awareness on deforestation.
  • USA Based Company.
  • 30-day money-back guaranteed.
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We are supporting reforestation around the globe while inspiring individuals to work together for a greener & better planet. We plant 1 tree for¬†each item sold on our store¬†ūüĆ≤

The name¬†Opal¬†is¬†acquired¬†from the Sanskrit upala,¬†meaning¬†‚Äúprecious¬†stone" and the¬†Greek¬†spin-off¬†‚ÄúOpallios,‚Ä̬†meaning¬†‚Äúto see a change of color.‚ÄĚ Like a kaleidoscopic, Opal¬†is known for its wide array of colors and mesmerizing patterns. Formed from rain, this delicate stone¬†symbolizes purity and hope. Opal is a¬†protective stone.¬†Wear this bracelet and remain free from harm. Opal, known as the stone of hope, is a rare healing stone known for bringing out people's¬†full potential and amplifying it. Its powers are very delicate and gentle. Use Opal to ease tension, return to your center, and ease any negative feelings. This stone is excellent for sensitive people, those who need assistance with giving or receiving love, purifying, and returning the mind to a peaceful state.

  • Item Type:¬†Handmade Woven Bracelet
  • Stone: Natural Opal¬†Jasper, Agate & Crystal
  • Size: Around 19.7 inches, adjustable¬†

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