Tree of Chakras Necklace (Plants 1 Tree)šŸŒ²

Tree of Chakras Necklace (Plants 1 Tree)šŸŒ²

Tree of Chakras Necklace (Plants 1 Tree)šŸŒ²

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Our Tree of Chakras will help you to connect with and open your Chakraā€™s allowing for a free flow of energy. When your Chakraā€™s are healthy and open you are less likely to suffer both physically and mentally.

When you focus on balancing your chakras you can find balance and harmony in your life and in your mind. Chakra meditation is another great way to feel peaceful and balanced and while it may seem too ā€œout thereā€ for some it has been scientifically studied and proven to help fight against signs of disease and even help to fight against cancer.

The power of your mind is truly incredible and when you focus on clearing and balancing your chakras, amazing things can happen. Subtle and not so subtle shifts will happen in your life for the better.

We also plant a tree in the Amazon Rainforest for every purchase of this necklaceĀ šŸŒ²

Plant a tree in the AMAZON!Ā 

The Amazon is being completely DESTROYED by deforestation and fires.Ā Millions of acres of rainforest continue to be bulldozed and set to flame to make room for Palm Oil, beef, and soy. The Amazon rainforests are home to thousands of unique species not found anywhere else on earth.Ā We have to take action before they're gone forever.Ā We plant a tree in the Amazon for every sale of this bracelet! You can also help by only buying sustainable wood and paper, & help raise awareness to limit illegal logging.

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This Bracelet:

  • Ā Plants 1 tree in the Amazon.
  • Ā Helps restore monkey and other Amazonian animal habitats.Ā 
  • Ā Gives the Amazon a chance at recovery.
  • Ā Raises awareness.


Monkey Mania: The most abundant monkey in the Amazon ...

Why plant trees?

Multiple species of monkeys, birds, frogs, tapirs, lion cats, and many more are all endangered and all of them make their home in these rainforests; and spend most of their time in treetops. Trees are being completely cleared out atĀ without any thought for the wildlife living there; its despicable.Ā They have noĀ where left to go, and we are the only ones doing anything to help. We can't do it alone!

TreesĀ are needed to provide food, shelter, and water to thousands of animals and we need treesĀ to breathe... it's a no brainer. However not enough people are helping replant trees after governments and big corporations keep logging them all down.Ā 


You can make a direct impact.

By purchasing a bracelet fromĀ usĀ you are directly funding our tree planting operation in the Amazon and helping raise awareness of the horrible destruction of the animals' habitat that live there.Ā TheĀ damage from deforestation cannot be undone, butĀ because of people like you, weĀ are able to helpĀ  plant thousands of trees to begin to restoreĀ animal habitats, and begin to make the Amazon green again.


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How can I be sure that my trees are being planted?

After you complete your purchase we will send you aĀ confirmation emailĀ thanking you for your support. We will also send you your electronic tree certificate &Ā updatesĀ on theĀ statusĀ of your trees provided by our mainĀ reforestationĀ partnerĀ whenever aĀ plantingĀ sessionĀ is taking place.

We only work with trusted, certified non profitsĀ such as WWF, & One Tree Planted.

What can one tree do?Ā šŸŒ²

OneĀ single tree providesĀ food,Ā shelter, andĀ waterĀ toĀ hundredsĀ ofĀ animals. Many ofĀ whichĀ areĀ criticallyĀ endangered. Planting one tree canĀ restoreĀ theirĀ habitatĀ andĀ protectĀ these precious animals fromĀ extinction.Ā Doesn't it feel good knowing you've done something to help animals that will last for generations?Ā 


WhatĀ do ya get? šŸ¤—

You get an awesome bracelet that plants a tree in the Amazon +Ā Our digital tree planting certificateĀ with whatever name you choose to be on it thanking you for your support and for planting a tree.Ā 


What if I don't like my bracelet?Ā šŸŽ

We hope you love it SO much it won't come to this.. but if you are unsatisfied or if it does not fit don't worry, we will issue a refund or a replacement whichever you choose!


We are here to help our planetĀ and save our animals.Ā šŸŒŽ

We help raise awareness and raise money for organizations fighting to help our wildlife that would not getĀ recognition otherwise.

One Bracelet. One Tree.


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