Imitation Leather 4PC: (no animal products) (Plants 1 Tree)🌲

Imitation Leather 4PC: (no animal products) (Plants 1 Tree)🌲

Imitation Leather 4PC: (no animal products) (Plants 1 Tree)🌲

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One bracelet. One tree. 🌲🍃

Each handcrafted bracelet is made to preserve habitats and help our ecosystems thrivePowered by a desire to act as a safety net under Australia’s declining resources, Regrow My Planet was founded to play a role in averting the crisis, while giving individuals everywhere an opportunity to join forces to make a difference.

With an MCG-sized area of forest demolished every two minutes in Australia, our adjustable bracelet was designed to provide a new lease of life to native animals, building new habitats from the ground up. With each bracelet bought, a new tree is planted by One Tree Planted, the non-profit organisation working to restore forests, rejuvenate habitats, and safeguard futures across Australia and beyond. 🌲

With almost half of forests destroyed in Australia within the last two centuries, and over 100 species becoming extinct in that time (with 1000 more currently at risk of extinction!), our partnership with One Tree Planted is built upon social responsibility; an impactful project, doubling the number of trees being planted each year. We are just trying to do our part.

The sliding knot makes it fully adjustable to your wrist size. 

  • Funds the planting of 1 TREE in Australia.
  • Supports reforestation.
  • Restores lost habitats.
  • Raises awareness.


What is happening?

3 BILLION. That’s the total number of animals that were killed or displaced during Australia’s 2019-20 bushfires that shook the world. To put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent to almost half of all humans, with the devastation having knock-on effects set to last decades.

Renowned for its melting pot of ecosystems, brimming with wildlife (we’re looking at you, koalas, wombats, and kangaroos!), Australia represents a hub of biodiversity. But to save the creatures, habitats, and resources that Australia has to offer, change is needed. With a yearning to spotlight the urgency of the threats Australia faces, we think it’s time to step up to protect our innocent wildlife – are you in?

You Can Make a Direct Impact.

By purchasing a bracelet from us you are directly funding our tree planting operation in Australia and helping raise awareness for the cause. The silver lining of this horrific event is how it has brought out the best in our community. Because of people like you, we are able to plant thousands and begin to restore lost habitats. At Regrow My Planet, we know that eco-conscious shoppers across the globe want to put their best foot forward, but how? Our mission is to simplify the A-to-B, making reforestation conservation a click-and-go process. No donations that never reach the source. No overwhelming time commitments. Pop your bracelet in your basket, and we’ll do the rest!

Current Projects Funded?

Joining forces with One Tree Planted, an initiative set to aid Australia’s recovery from the devastating bushfires, each purchase will play a role in the project, on a mission to plant 25 million trees across the nation. We like to think of it as a safe haven, creating healthy habitats for the animals who have lost so much – some on the brink of extinction. With the planted trees tipped to absorb emissions equivalent to 920,000 cars running for a year, we’re thinking BIG.

As part of the Regrow My Planet community, you will be supporting three One Tree Planted projects; Australia Bushfire Recovery Nursery Program Phase 1 and 2, and Southwest Western Australia 2021, with the aim of restoring habitats, conserving biodiversity, and preserving wildlife corridors in the region. With the southwest of Western Australia recognized internationally as a top 25 Biodiversity Hotspot, boasting a world-class 50% native species rate, it has never been more important to restore native vegetation, with each of the three nurseries involved in the initiative reporting a capacity of 40,000-160,000 indigenous tree species.

A lengthy process with significant rehabilitation required to bounce back from the bushfires, namely in terms of infrastructure, land preparation, and sapling growth, the projects will be launched periodically until 2022, with the first nurseries residing in New South Wales (NSW), the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and South Australia (SA).

Why Are Trees Important?

More than just the foundations beneath our childhood treehouses, trees are an integral part of our planet. From producing the air that we breathe to filtering the water that we drink, as well as absorbing climate-changing carbon – playing a crucial role in halting wildfires, droughts, and tropical storms – trees represent a lifeline for humans, wildlife, and the wider environment.

It’s no secret that land biodiversity far and wide call trees home, with over 80% benefitting from the security blanket that they provide, meaning your tree will offer a much-needed hub of food, shelter, and a reproduction site to animals big and small, as well as providing a crucial resting zone. 

One single tree provides food, shelter, and water to hundreds of animals. Many of which are critically endangered. Planting one tree can restore their habitat and protect these precious animals from extinction.


What you'll get...

A bracelet with a purpose!

A tree planted. We wonder what species will call it home.

A digital certificate as a small token of our appreciation.

Emails to keep you up to date. It’s a no-spam zone!

We will also keep you updated with photos and information provided by our reforestation partners from time to time.


Our ethos is simple: Be the change you want to see in the world. A quick-and-easy way to give back, our community are playing a role in creating a brighter world for future generations, restoring habitats for animals, and extending a helping hand in reversing the damage we have done, one bracelet at a time. Small changes, VAST impacts.




Australia is the last refuge
 to a variety of unique animals and plants not found anywhere else on the planet. If we do not take action and help restore their habitat there is no way to avoid the extinction of these rare species.


Our partners work closely with local land owners and the community to integrate sustainable procedures into productive farming and create new jobs in the rural Australian economy.


Australia is blessed with gorgeous, diverse forests; with trees covering two-thirds of the state. By planting native species in degraded areas, we can support this unique and fragile ecosystem. 

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